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Milk Boss™

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Milk Boss™ (Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding Cushion)

Infant Feeding Support - create your perfect position!  

✔ Perfect Positioner
✔ Complete Arm Support
✔ Burping and Reflex Relief

The award-winning Milk Boss™ is an infant feeding support, burping pillow, and arm cushion all in one!  It is ideal for positioning baby at the perfect angle while bottle feeding or breastfeeding to help reduce the chance of reflux or gas.  When feeding is over, Milk Boss™ acts as a support for baby while on his or her tummy getting burped.  Milk Boss™ helps prevent strained arms from feeding and its compact size makes it ideal for use while on-the-go.


  • Lifts baby to the breast for more comfortable latching
  • Lifts baby to breast to alleviate the discomfort of bending over to feed
  • Rotate to adjust height and support depending on the hold


  • Positions baby at an angle that helps reduce reflux
  • Helps improve the posture of the caregiver feeding baby


  • No cross-stomach components make Milk Boss™ ideal for use after C-section
  • Bottom cushion supports arm to prevent strain, allowing more time for bonding
  • Stay-cool inner lining keeps arm comfortable


  • Rest baby's tummy on the support to burp after feeding
  • Rock baby back and forth on the support to help relieve gas


  • Compact size is ideal for use while traveling
  • Pack in a diaper bag to use while running errands


  • Heather Gray
** WARNING:  DO NOT leave your child unattended.  DO NOT lay child face flat on the pillow due to suffocation hazard.  DO NOT use in crib, cradle, bassinet, playpen, or play yard. **