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Cinema To Go™

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Cinema To Go™

The old-school friend for your hi-tech phone.  What's the size of a thin book, expands to allow you to watch movies and other entertainment, folds flat instantly, but doesn't not carry the price tag of an iPad®?  It's in your hands.  Meet Cinema To Go™!

Perfect for entertaining the kids (or yourself, for that matter), this lo-tech mobile theatre is addorable, compact, easy to carry, and use.  Plus, it's super fun to watch!

BONUS:  There's no power, no cords, nothing to donwload, no technology to figure out!  This is truly an old school friend for our hi-tech phones.  

  • Product Specs
    • Magnetic Cover:  Rolls into phone stand configuration
    • Fresnal Lens
    • 2 Security Dots (Note:  Remove thin, clear film from both dots before first use.)
    • Phone Base Pad
    • Lens Angle Bar
  • How It Works
    • The sturdy acrylic Fresnal lens magnifes the screen of your phone, which is placed on teh stand behind it.  The effect is a large 11" amplified image, perfect for mesmerizing the clan.
  • How To Use
    • The Cinema To Go™ stores completely flat, great for transport in your backpack or bag.  When you're ready, just roll the beautifully-hinged cover into a stand, extend the screen, and place your phone on the phone platform against the stand for viewing.
    • 6 Simple Steps
      • #1:  Open magnetic cover and roll backwards.
      • #2:  Once complete,magnets secure cover in phone stand configuration.
      • #3:  Flip Fresnal lens up and adjust lens angle bar as desired.
      • #4:  Secure lens angle bar by matching up 2 security dots.
      • #5:  Place phone on phone base pad.
      • #6:  Best enjoyed from a 3' to 6.5' distance.  Adjust as needed.
  • Materials
    • MDF + PVC + Acryic + Flannelette