ahh!-larm - Glitter Bow (Main)
ahh!-larm (Rose Gold Glitter Bow - Front Details)
ahh!-larm Personal Security Alarm (Glitter Bow)
ahh!-larm (Black Glitter Bow - Front)
ahh!-larm (Black Glitter Bow - Back)
ahh!-larm (Black Glitter Bow - Packaging)
ahh!-larm (Rose Gold Glitter Bow - Front)
ahh!-larm (Rose Gold Glitter Bow - Back)
ahh!-larm (Rose Gold Glitter Bow - Packaging)

ahh!-larm Personal Security Alarm (Glitter Bow)

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ahh-larm Personal Security Alarm (Glitter Bow)

Combining fashion with function, this sleek personal safety alarm is the newest tool in self-defense and perfect for all ages!  The piercing 115-decibel alarm sounds instantly with the simple push of a button that will demand attention. The oversized lobster clip easily attaches to a keychain, backpack, purse, dog leash, and more!  The durable, sturdy design prevents glitter from flaking or rubbing off.  From students to seniors, this reliable safety companion has no age, TSA, or carrying restrictions.  

  • BOW SHAPE:  small, compact, looks more like an accessory than a personal alarm
  • KEYCHAIN CLIP:  attaches easily to keys, backpack, purse, dog leash, etc.
  • PINK TRIGGER:  button prevents accidental alarms
  • WHITE BUTTON:  activates LED safety light
  • 12-Volt A23 Battery:  easily replaceable with a small Philips screwdriver
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