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Hot Iron Holster: Lil' Holster Skinny

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Hot Iron Holster:  Lil' Holster Skinny

Anyone who has ever used a hair dryer or a hot styling tool, like a curling or flat iron, knows how hard it is to find a secure place to set it down. Placing them on the counter is precarious and could damage the surface or worse, result in a burn; not to mention the obvious risk of a whole mess of electrical cords near the bathroom sink, toilet, and tub. Never fear .... The Hot Iron Holster is here!

The Hot Iron Holster is a heat resistant pocket that keeps hot irons & hair dryers safe and organized in the bathroom, bedroom, dorm room, and even the salon. Made of 100% silicone, it consists of two parts: a pouch for holding styling tools and a flap specially formulated to cling to any smooth, non-porous household surface. No screws or sticky adhesive is required. It is easy to remove and reuse over and over again.

The patented design is the brainchild of busy mom Erin Balogh. Realizing that two toddlers, a curling iron, and a pedestal sink were a recipe for disaster, she went in search of a solution. When she could not find one that did not require mounting, she came up with an idea that stuck.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the Hot Iron Holsters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=47&v=dMTI2HXFCl8.

  • Product Details
    • To Use: Press the flap onto your sink or countertop. The Lil' Holster will firmly grip the surface. Lift up to easily remove. For maximum grip, both the surface and the Lil' Holster should be clean and dry.
    • Materials: 100% silicone
    • Care: Clean with water or rubbing alcohol
    • Consists of two parts: (1) a roomy pocket for holding styling tools and (2) a flap that grips household surfaces
    • Heat Resistant: 250°F
    • Total Dimensions: 10.0" x 2.5" x 1.5"
    • Pocket Dimensions: Depth of Pocket (4"), Width of Pocket (2.5"), and Opening of Pocket (1.25")
    • Clings to any smooth, non-porous surface, including tile, wood, laminate, granite, metal, glass, vinyl, porcelain, plastic, leather, and more!
    • Has drainage holes in the bottom of the holster
  • Colors:  Black, Blue, Gray, and White